Dermophisilogique SensiDerm Skin Rose Serum

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Product Description

Smooth and rich serum with soft, silky, quick-absorbing texture, specific for skins that have problems due to couperose or rosacea.
Ginkgo Biloba and Bioflavonoids of Rosa Centifolia, known for their vascular and venotonic function and Escina with recognized drainage capacity, act in synergy to strengthen the microcirculation of the skin and counteract redness, edema and swelling. The presence of β-sitosterol stimulates the natural defenses of the skin, ensuring a soothing action on reddened areas, while Isoquercetin and slow release Vitamin C produce an intense antioxidant action, stopping the formation of free radicals (ROS).
RESULT: The skin is nourished and hydrated while redness is visibly attenuated

• Escina phytosome: Extracted from horse chestnut increases the resistance of venous and lymphatic capillaries, reduces permeability and has an important protective action of the vein capillaries wall as it inhibits the enzymes involved in the degradation of the endothelium. It favors cellular turn-over and microcirculation and has a strong draining effect.
• Ginkgo Biloba: It acts selectively against the circulatory system, enhancing vascular tone and blood flow, and reducing capillary permeability to prevent edema formation. Ginkgo flavonoids (such as Quercitin and Kaempferol) interacting exercise “radical scavengers”, protecting collagen fibers.

Skin type: Sensitive skin, intolerant and reactive.

Ideal for: Skins with imperfections from rosacea or erythrosis. Suitable for young and mature skins. 
Use: Morning and night.