Dermophisilogique BioLift Vitamin C 3 Pack Kit

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Biovitamin C is a kit made up of a Toner and 3 phials of concentrated pure vitamin C at 20%. Biovitamin C allows to apply on the skin the ASCORBIC ACID, pure vitamin C, in an active form and at high concentrations.

Vitamin C is the major antioxidant in our body and it is necessary for the growth and repair of skin tissues. It is essential to make skin collagen and protects the skin against oxidation by the action of free radicals triggered by UVA AND UVB RAYS, cigarette, pollution.
Key roles to counteract aging and maintain a state of well-being to the skin. 

HOW TO USE: Morning and evening, apply a few drops to cleansed skin and massage until completely absorbed. Then follow with your daily cream. 
The application should be daily and should be prolonged for at least a month.